Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Mi Vida Loca (Cisco Kid Flow)

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Mi vida loca, sitting low in my troka

My 4-9 bomba, getting bombed off the mota

Or what you call it, "reifo, " estoy prendido

Locked up in my own prison, man, I been torsido

Might be a flaco, but I pack a putaso

That's on my nickname, Lil Rob, my placaso

I used to paint it like Picasso, pinche vato

And back when I was hollow, I'm still malo, fuck tomorrow

Hey, fuck tomorrow, holmes

And the day that follows

Veteran in the rap game, call me a veterano

Yo soy Chicano

Spittin' calo

I can put you in the right direction, but can't hold your mano

These pinche gangstas, cause they talkin' "Life's a gangsta"


Next year's don't talk, cause, talkin' just ain't gangsta


That's right

It's ya homeboy, Ese Lil Rob

San Diego, Califa, chrome boy

Puttin' it down for the brown side of town

That's right

Twelve Eighteen

Doce Diez y Ocho

That's right, we put it down, loco

Orale, holmes, I'm sippin' on patron

It's Ese Daz, from the H.A., 3-1-0


Cruisin' to the barrio

The area that's scaring ya

And you don't wanna go

Show no mercy

Like the veteranos

We still kick it, throw on the sly, slick and wicked

And turn up the oldies a little higher

And drive a little slower like the O.G. lowrider

Mi pluma tira sangre

Historias de las calles

War stories in the neighborhood

Little locos up to no good

We show no shame, put it down for the brown

Chicano style, representing it proud

That's what we do

When we do

You don't like it, fuck you, too

Ten years in the game, it's all the same

Fuck the fame

Had a name

I do it for the homies in the bombas, bumpin' tapes


What's up, Lil Rob

It's only the beginning, homeboy

A tip of the iceberg

Get ready




But in 2010, I might just pull a ghost like the homie Ese Rich Rock


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