Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Mexican Gangster

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[Lil' Rob]

Orale holmes, this is Lil' Rob

Comin after you from San Diego, Southern Califas

Mexican gangster yeah that's the name of the jam

And it's to all those locos that like to gangbang

Because I do it when I have to when it's every fuckin week

And always kickin it with my homies

But could swear they're always tweaking

But the only drug I use is marijuana

People tell me not to smoke it

But I'll smoke it if I wanna

Cause right now living in the fast lane

So tell me what's wrong with smoking a little bit of Mary Jane

And when I fight I fight mano a mano

Por que si mon I'm a down ass Chicano

I'll say it again I'm down for mine ese

Or laugh at you if you need a shank over a cuete

And then I'll call you a chavala

As I rock over the jam in my '62 Impala

And if you shoot you better kill

Cause if you don't and you won't

But then I will

You won't rest in peace you'll rest in pain

Why, because my mind clicks

To be insane in the brain

Si mon I'm fuckin bad to the bone

And all I could say is don't fuck around holmes

Cause I'm a...

{Chorus 2x}

Mexican Gangster, (si mon)

Mexican Gangster, (16 with a bullet)

Mexican Gangster, (born with the ways)

Mexican Gangster born with the badness

Kickin that Cisco, smokin and tokin we heard a blast

You should've seen how fast we jumped off of our ass

We ran outside just to check out what it was

It's a Mexicano thing

I ain't no Crip or Blood

Dark in the garden so I couldn't see

Though I looked to the light and I saw my Primo

Laying there moaning; That's all I hear

But right now Lil' Rob ain't got time to shed a tear

We picked him up, we took him home and called the ambulance

Those vatos fucked up good

Cause now they're gambling with their lives

And it's about time they lose

Never fuck with the vato in the Sureno blues

To the Mexicana Madre, let's pull a drive-by

So when we lose one, that's when they seem to lose about five

But we're not satisfied holmes until they all die

So orale let's jump in my lowride

Toma las llaves I threw 'em in the ignition

Orale now we're on another fuckin mission

Turn on the radio on came the Rollas

Homeboys in the back loading up the pistolas

Orale they're loaded

It's time to do it

I just got my drivers license cause I'm 16 with a bullet

Not alone, my homeboy's in his Bomb

And to you puto's you won't last long

See I'm with my homies and all of them are packin

You vatos fucked up now the shells will be stackin

16 With a bullet pero bad to the bone

Don't fuck around holmes cause I'm a...


Now as we're driving away I hear a youngster say

"Yo Lil' Rob let me blow that mothafucker away"

I said "Chales, jump out the ride"

He opened up the door and then he jumped outside

he said "Orale", then "arrato"

I said "Hey we'll be back little vato"

So off we go to the other barrio

Not cruising too fast we're always cruising slow

We saw somebody started running cause they took a glance

They didn't have time to shit their pants

Take a look over there, damn some fine hynas

Too bad they're playing dice throwing their signs at us

But it's alright

We're looking for the fool who shot my Primo

Cruisin slow and guess who we see so

We crept up in the Bomba and took a look

So Lil' Rob said "Que onda"

I said fuck it jumped out the bucked he had a bat

So he swung and so I duck and I saw his face

So I stuck it with a right left, right left

I made him suffer holmes

And then I put the nine milli to his backbone

I said "Hey mothafucker don't breathe

Cause right now Lil' Rob really wants to see you bleed"

I flipped him over put the gun between his eyes

I said "You fucked up once and I hope

that's what you realize, now how the fuck does it feel

You played at your own risk and now you found out I'm for real"

Boom boom back in the raffla I'm reminiscing

With a tear in my eye cause it's my raza that I'm killing

Looking at him dead in the face I shot him twice

Now fuck that shit for sure will get 7-25 to life

But fuck that shit it's time to go home

No longer cruising slow I'm rushing to my canton

I'm thinking what my Primo wanted me to do

You think he'd want me to serve life for a punk or two

Or even cry over him for a couple of days

Damn raza we've got to change those evil ways

Though soy chingon cabron

Like Al Capone always holding my own

Walking alone in the S-D anger zone

Si mon bad to the bone

Not the one to talk shit over the telephone

And San Diego is the place where all my homeboy's roam

And all I could say is don't fuck around holmes

Cause I'm a...

{Chorus 3x}

Mexican Gangster -echoing gangster gangster gangster-

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