Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Just One Of Those Days

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It's just one those days

Were everything is all good in the neighborhood

(man you know what in taling about)

It's just one of those days id say about 78 degrees

You can see and feel the breeze ruffling throught the trees

I'm holding a pacific I look and feel terrific

Hitting switches on a classic chevy impala watch me tip it (it's just one of those days)

The sun is shining and it could'ntbe brighter

I'm rolling down cali and valley on a candy lowrider

Little kids on bisicletas licking on paletas

That they got from the icecream man the summer time conectas

On my way to the parque were my home boys kick it

I seen them juras drive by but they ain't trippin

It's all good in my neighborhood and it feels good to be alive

It's just one of those days that makes you never

Wanna die

It's just one of those days that makes me just wanna get up and go

Get fresh press clothes and am out to go

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