Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - It's My Life

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Never mind

What we do

Stick to you

Let me live

It's my life

It's my life

It's my life

Never mind

What we do

Stick to you

Let me live

It's my life

It's my life

It's my life

Now, let me tell you the type of things we go through, you know

I rap about what's real and what I go through, on the daily

It's crazy

Like my neighborhood back in the 80's

I've seen shit

I lived it

I know it, so I give it

I can't stop, and I won't stop until I finish

In the 90's, you can find

Or Hernandez with the homeboys

Lookin' out for the chota

Livin' la vida loca

Within my pockets, someone always had a fusca

You know how it is, you rollin' through, you keep trucha

Bullets flyin', I ain't lyin', I got hit by one

Jefita cried, I almost died, and it was just for fun

We're never doin' what we oughta be

Rest in peace

To my homeboy, Pee Wee, by a cop

In a robery

And honestly

That part of our lifestyle isn't suitable

Don't act like you don't know how it feels to go to a funeral (Silencio)

That's how we're livin' lo

And then we wonder why they look at us like we're some fuckin' criminals

You know, que no?

I never left the pad without

Shavin' my head

Gettin' cleaned up, creased up, takin' a joint to the head

Never been to juve hall

Never been to the pen

But to my homeboys, I'm someone you can depend on

I used to use crylon to write on

Fences and walls

Big block

Our own English standard, standin' ten feet tall

United we stand, divided we fall

Tighter than some 1218's

Two size is small

Smile now, cry later

Fuck it, why cry at all

And if we ever got busted, homeboy

Denied all

We didn't do shit, they can't prove shit, even if they could

We never pull rag

Or you're not welcomed back to the hood

You're known as no good

That's how it was

That's how it is

Fucked up predicament get your ass killed for shit

You don't believe me?

I don't care if you do

Or if you don't

I'm just sayin' what the fuck I been through

And it's no joke

I get the

Smallest wires, wrap 'em with the smallest tires

Blaze more trees than the San Diego wild fires

I get higher to inspire rhymes

Say some shit

To inquire minds

And make sure

They admire mine

Make 'em wonder what the fuck goes on

In this mind of mine

I'm a cool dude that could blow up, for the final time

It's all the same, ain't nothin' changed, it's still the style of mine

Neighborhood Music, talkin' about how we do shit

We cruise it

We sometimes lose it and act foolish

But who doesn't

Cause a raucous

Fuck it, that's what they're stuck with

Products of the barrio

Got nowhere to go

But we gotta go

They ask me where I'm goin', shit, I don't know

Around the town

See who's around

See who's down

To get a 12-pack in pound

I'm lookin' for the answer

At the bottom of a bottle

It's just my luck, I gots no luck, no California lotto

I'm just an average man

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