Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Forever Live My Name

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Hey you know what homey

I'm sick and tired of these fools homey, yea

Talking about how they're keeping it real, you know

Well then keep it real ese, you know

Fuck all that bullshit your talking about homeboy

No one wants to hear that shit

Keep it real homeboy

I walk up on the scene with my white sneakers

My big ass Levis, my big ass t-shirt and look around to see who I see

The same fucking people who can't see me

You can close your eyes, it's getting kind of rough

You can open your eyes, ese not wide enough

To even catch a sneek peek or Peek A Boo of what the Lil' Rob is all about

When I leave they all follow out

Lil' Rob be the one of a kind

With the one of a kind mind, most of the time I can't find mine

You ask me how I'm doing and I still say that I'm fine

Walking on that fine line, no time on my time line

Who left the door open? Your time just ran out

As for patience, well mine just ran out

And I got nothing left to do but to sit back patiently

To make sure you continue hating me

[Chorus x2]

Lil' Rob, forever live my name

Lil' Rob, forever live my name

Lil' Rob, forever live my name

You wanna be like me but it's just not the same

Hey holmes, I heard a lot about you ey

Well was it good shit or bad shit?

I bet you twenty bones it was some bad shit

But that doesn't even matter though

Cuz any publicity is good publicity, that's why they mention me

I must be doing something right

But they ain't doing nothing right, I'm making sure that I'm busting tight

Now everybody wanna be

Hey holmes you heard Lil' Rob's new jam? He's talking shit about me

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't flatter yourself

Later on you're gonna look back at yourself, and be all mad at yourself

For acting like a little girl, chavala

Roll the fuck up, you try too much, you need to slow the fuck up

Hold the fuck up, shut the fuck up

Silence is golden like the Daytons that I'm rolling around the town that I'm patrolling

The town I live in is lonely, it's lonely but I still won't cry

It's just me, myself, and I

[Chorus x2]

Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore

But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again, I remember whistling

If I could go back in time and do things different

I probably wouldn't do anything different

I learned a lot, seen a lot, that's why these streets mean a lot

I got shot down the block at the stop

Trust you? Fuck you

I've know people for seven years that I don't trust, and you think I'm gonna trust you

I gotta do what I must do, with or without you

There's something about Lil' Rob, but there's nothing about you

Can't keep a good man down ese, but you keep on trying

Take to the sky on my natural high, cuz I'ma keep on flying

Here's a little something for your brain to cause the pain

When I'm done then my son will forever live my name

Lil' Rob, and when he's done then my son will forever live my name

And when he's done then my son will forever live my name

And when he's done then my son will forever live my name

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