Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Drinking on My Driveway

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Its summer time and im, drinking on my drive way

its summer time and im, drinking on my drive way

(its summer time ey, and we drinking on my driveway)

Get bumped with that hard liquor

im back to my cerveza

pacifico with no lime

a six pack and a show time

drinking in cantinas

or drinking in my driveway

either way its ATM

a toda madre

you wanna party

pues caile

but B-Y-O-B

bring your own beer ese

and bring some for me

dont forget about my primos

cus they all drink too

dont forget mis amigos

hey what you think foo

i know you didnt think that you can kick it for free

and i know you didnt think that all the beer is on me

if you got some good yerba

than u can bring that

if you got a gang of rukas

then they can kick back

im always down for a drink out

dont know nothing

nothing leeks out

cant handle your liquor

you gost to go

home boy peace out

drive carefull

and keep an eye out for the jura

if they getcha

you never knew me

i never knew ya



being macho

you besta split

dont ask why

just go unless you want a fat lip

shut up

dont say nothing

no one want to hear that shit

no one cares what you say

you get the fuck on with your fit

im lid

hey why you wanna fuck with my high

you blow my mind like driving the convertible in july

ill drink some beers

whatever kinds you wanna get me

pacifico, coronas, so,gordos equis

lets party every day

celebrate like cinco de mayo

carnitas, frijoles,arroz, pico de gallo

guacamole and salsa

jose cuervo,cazadores,patron

hornitos or zalsa

some one go get the mariachis

from down the street

tell em not to make no plans

cus they aint gonna leave

el mariachi loco

quiero bailar

y volver volver

no se ban a callar

(Hook 2)

Its summer time and drinking in my driveway

chillin bout my '63

its summer time and drinking in my driveway

dont you wanna drink with me

Its summer time and drinking in my driveway

chilling bout my '63

Its summer time and drinking in my driveway

wont you have a beer with me

some people drinking bud

the others lighting it up

im one of the ones lighting it up

to life in it up

hey leave it to the chota

to fuck my night up

you know the partys over when juras drive up


everybody let me make myself clear

you aint gost to go home

but get the fuck outta here

but leave the beer

believe me

ill be watching you too

ive got friends watching you too

so watch what you do

im talking to you

the fools that be acting a fool

if you know whats good for you

than you would stop what you do

im loosing my cool

when this is start catching the cool

is desstined to loose

his walking with that one of the shoes

it happends all the time

why is it always happend to me?

some people over for some beers

and then they dont wanna leave

come back tomorrow

and dont be such a light weight

its summer time ey

and we drinking in my drive way


(Hook 2)

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