Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Brown Side

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It's ya boy, Ese Lil' Rob

That's right

Yeah, I been doin' this for a while now, man, so

I guess you could say that I'm a

"Veteran in the rap game, call me a veterano"

"Veteran in the rap game, call me a veterano"

"Veteran in the rap game, call me a veterano"

I wear a brown bandana

Representin' brown pride, homie

Comin' from the brown side, homie

Ask around if you don't know me, know me

I'm west coastin' it

That's how I'm flowin' it

Hey, pass me the joint, you're not the only one that's smoking it

I like black rap, and I'm bump white rap too

I like for them to hear me

And say, "I like that dude

That dude got flow, where's he from?


Cross the border by T-juas, where they've been

Servin' heat rocks

Bumpin' out the beatbox

Long walks from detox

Cause we don't stop til we see spots

A lot of yellow, blue and

Green dots, don't be shot

Same way when we box

Don't try to run, because my Nikes will outrun your Reebox

The barrio

The neighborhood, that's where we come from

Brought up with pride, and there ain't nothing that we run from

They say we can't


I know we can

Soy Chicano, Mexican-American

I'm from the brown side

That's where I'm at

No matter where I go, I know I'm always welcomed back

To the brown side

That's where I stay

San Diego across the border by T.J.

They call us crabs in the bucket, fuck it

Used to bump it, in the bucket

Gotta do the best with, what we're stuck with

Now I bust it

And represent my city


That are in the struggle with me

I come from a

Place where the paint bend

Flakin' off the wall

Livin' off the wall like handball, and I'm tryin' not to fall

Knockin' on the door til I knock it down, ain't nothin' gonna stop it now

Doce diez y ocho

Got it all up in the pocket, now

With more tricks

Up my sleeve

Than I need

On my temper, you can the steam from my blood

When I bleed

I smoke weed

With no seeds

Keep the swag, in your bag

I'm a spoiled California boy, don't even want a drag of that

Take it, you can have it back

Lookin' for me

You'll find me in the brown side

Kickin' back

In my habitat

Sittin' on the bench with my back against the fence

The homeboys and the heinas

That's what I represent, and I'm a

I've been

Microphone grippin', but can I flip it, just take a listen

And I'll rip it

And I don't

Have to lie

Just to kick it

I'm the sly

Slick and wicked, ain't got no time for little kid shit

You vatos aren't gonna do shit, never done shit, never will


Let 'em all talk, that's what it is, that's all it is

They claim their word is solid as a rock

Well homeboy, they don't know what solid is

S'hopin' to call it quits

You vatos are counterfeits

I call it as I see it, that's the boy, I'm callin' this

I don't know what the problem is

You see the same people

On the way to the top

Back down to where the bottom is

No jales, huey

There's no need to act that way

Some of these vatos are gangster, and have the right to rap that way

Shaved head, bandanas


And a mouthpiece

Rockin' the mic in white Nikes, a white T-shirt and some Khakis

I know you see me when I'm rollin' through the brown side

For the west, to the east, to the north, to the south side, it's brown pride

And I'm a

Lil' Rob

That's right

Twelve Eighteen

From the brown side of town


There's a brown side of town in every city, man

I see it

That's right

Little brown pride, for the brown side

Cause I'm a

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