Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Baby Come Back

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I need you (back)

I love you (girl)

I want you (back)

(Girl let me come back ) I just can?t go on without you girl (just let me come back )

Kicked out of my girls past to bad I deserved

That but I did I popped of at the mouth like

A kid and now I think about the consequences

Of how I make her feel and why I?d make

Her feel like that when she loves me for real

For real that?s the real deal

I love her to but you could probably never tell by the

Way she was spoken to and the way that I treated her

She don?t need that especially when she takes care of me

When I?m needing her I need her now she ain?t around

I?m feeling down and I feel like I?m losing my mind

Were together all the time I can?t stand the separation

Why would I wanna cause her all this aggravation

It?s a frantic situation now I?m waiting and I?m wishing

Hoping that she give me a call I keep on thinking that my

Phone is ringing who am I kidding it isn?t ringing at all (just let me come back

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Monday 17th of October 2011 23:45
love lil rob!