Lil Keke Da Don

Lil Keke Da Don - Together

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Check it out man, it's that old school shit man

We going all the way back man, 9-2 style

Screw man, I'm light this here for you man

I know you up there looking down, saying man hold up man

This shit legendary man, Chuck T ha-ha

You know this H-Town the Young Don, 7-1-3

It was a dream, C.M.G. my click

We so screwed up man, this Texas check it

[Lil' Keke]

I started this dream, back in 1992

We started this dream, Fat Pat-DJ Screw

We did it for the click, we did it for the hood

We did it for the South, we did it cause we could

It's the Young Don, and I'm bringing it back

And I'm still on the grind, and I'm all about my stacks

I'm all about that crack, I'm all about the green

You can get a thang, if ya got sixteen

Give me that money, and I'll still make it go

Southside young G, I still rap it slow

It's screwed up Texas, it's Screwed Up Click

A lot of niggaz hating, they still riding dick

We bring it back for Texas, we bring it back for Houston

Rocking backdo' twice, now they call it Two-ston

Thta's the old shit, we still bumper kit

Southside Commission, rich click so legit

Back then '96, hoes on my dick

I'm riding up the slab, thinking bout the Screw Click

We started this flow, we started this rap

Now boys talking down, trying to push us off the map

I'ma set it straight, with the freestyle flow

I came real hard, but they said I was a hoe

I'm back to set it straight, ain't never been a bitch

That's why I'm candy red 84's, sitting up on a switch

I do it for my hood, I do it for my block

I do it cause I can, and I use to sell rocks

I use to sell ounces, I use to sell bricks

I wouldn't give a damn, still hollin' at that Stick

Cause day one niggaz, gotta call them G's

Niggaz in the streets, still trying to push ki's

I push c.d.'s, I do it for the 8

That's how I put this state on the plates, for the Texas state

I move weight, and I'm on the block hard

It's the Young Don, bitch gon get my card

Niggaz still talking, my freestyle crazy

The trunk steady yawning, it's looking like it's lazy

Old school rap, old school flow

It's the Young Don, and the drank I'm bout to po'

I'm pouring up a six, I'm still in the mix

Rocks up on my wrist, got these haters off my list

I need a bad bitch, I need a bad hoe

I need a bad bitch, I need a bad hoe

I need a bad bitch, I need a bad hoe

I let her pour the drank, I let her roll the dro

I need a bad bitch, I need a bad hoe

I need a bad bitch, I need a bad hoe

I need a bad bitch, I need a bad hoe

I let her pour the drank, I let her roll the dro

I'm on the highway, that's that I-10

You know the Young Don, I still be trying to win

I got them bitches boy, I keep 'em on the grind

I keep 'em breaking off they papers, if they wanna shine

I get that money nigga, I still be packing trigga

I'm bout that Southside gangsta shit, I'm getting bigger

It's 2005, I still be going live

And cause I'm up in my streets, only the strong survive

I do it S.U.C., oh yeah this C.M.G.

A lot of niggaz talking, but they know the game free

The c.d.'s cake, you know it's all a pay

It's going down, and I keep my click all in shape

I got my money mayn, I still be gripping grain

It's 16-5, if you wanna get a thang

You know it's Texas heat, we gotta run the street

And I be still wrecking freestyles, on South beats

Ok this Chuck T, ok it's going down

It's 7-1-3, repping for that H-Town

Ok we out of bounds, we still be moving crack

I got them soldiers in the back, and they might break ya back

Ok I gotta stack, I gotta get my cake

It's coming down, and I'm still bout to let it break

I break a bitch off, I represent the South

It's bout a hundred fucking diamonds, off up in my mouth


Chuck T nigga, South Carolina to 7-1-3

Real freestyle no pen no pad, holla back

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