Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Tryin 2 Get Nasty

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Wats ya name, how you doinq tell me who you screw?<br />

Do he fukk ya right guuuuurrrrlllllll... all night guuuurrrllll<br />

<br />

[Verse 1:]<br />

Can I fukk you in my ride (yea boosie) when you suck it you gon look me in my<br />

Eyes (yea boosie). And she slidinq down dat pole pretty polish on her toes, lick her<br />

Tongue and let me know... she wanna get nasty...<br />

<br />

Can I fukk you in dha studio? Can I put a X-Pill in yo booty hole? Let me nut all ova you<br />

Like a true solider do and let my niqqas watch like a real hoe a do... (OOHH) And you<br />

Can swallow me all (eww) but dhat (eww eww) feel so good. Can I fukk in with dha<br />

Doors up ridinq thru dha bottom, churp ya girl up and let ya girl hear you holla. Can I<br />

Out you on a camera phone and record ya actinq a donkey like donkey kong. When ya<br />

Moan holla bad ass and make me feel like royality when ya finish wipe dhat dick off<br />

And get it back hard for me...<br />

<br />

[Chorus: x2]<br />

I'm a beat dhat pussy from behind you... Cause I been eyeinq you and I'm a<br />

Tell ya dha truth. I'm tryna get nasty... I'm tryna get nasty...<br />

<br />

[Verse 2:]<br />

Put ya head in my lap... It's qoinq down! Lick me on my balls it's qoinq down<br />

Can you play with ya self while I play with myself after I fukk ya to death I want you to qo<br />

Back and rest. I like ice on my nuts, numb me up baby, don't use teeth you don't wanna<br />

Have me runninq now baby. Can I fukk ya hair style up, I'll get ya shit fixed if ya fire.<br />

Can I take a picture of ya with ya drawls on and send it up dha rode man to all my<br />

Dogs (OOHHH) If I sang a verse for ya would ya heart stop. Now she got a nigga<br />

Shakinq in dha parkinq lot. Hit dhat head retarted now. Her pussy clean so she taste<br />

It, dhats dhat holla back. So when ya fukk off top you gotta holla back. Fukk a bitch<br />

Before you count to 6... 1-2-3-4-5-6 she hit. Boosie on some major shit and I never play<br />

A bitch...<br />

<br />

[Chorus x2]

<br />

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