Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Touch Down To Cause Hell

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I touchdown at 11:45 with a 50 pound lick and a couple hard nines now I'm back on the grind on my side I gotta nine, and I'm a go blind if u disrepect my mind, fuck, I'm fresh out that pad door still smokin cali of dro, still toughtin calicos, u niggas outta know I was cold at 16, man I'm in n out of prison, my father figure dead so dats how a nigga livin wat would u do, if u was boosie, lead nigga who hate on u, ridin round scared thinkin a nigga finna play with u, u gon ramble in that bottom cause I lay down law, I cutt the quickness when u play me cause I lay down jaw, if u ain't heard about boosie then I making my mark, I cutt ya thoart, take ya house, dats that souja slim talk, if u got money they can't never hold u down in the dark, they can make ya feel paid when dat money go talkin I...

I touchdown cause hell,

Touchdown and cause hell,

Touchdown and cause hell,

Touchdown and cause hell...

And I told myself I waznt go go to jail but I lied, now my momma on ha knees and she cry, and daughter askin where her daddy at n y, where he at n y, now the feds on a nigga heart, gotta put my whip up cause lil boosie smart, smart I touchdown, blusin the block, if ya owe me betta pay me or I'm brusin ya now...

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Monday 15th of April 2013 18:44
real shit