Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Top Notch

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Top notch whips that's

What i drive

24 inches rims & tires

Hatin ass niggas can't believe they eyes

They starin me down, And i dont know why


Hold up wait a second,

let me think for a second

[Lil' Boosie:]

Red Bandana, Red Lexus

Top notch nigga hoes call me black & sexy

Top notch whip on that good drink from texas

Got everybody lookin' like a nigga butt naked

Please be good cause it could go down

Mr. Baton Rouge, I hold the streets crown

I feel it with gas, keep it clean as my ass

If I'm in that yellow thing i got on yellow to match

I would name my cars, but i ain't got time

Just got my fresh fade, check out my line

Ol' lady cross the street like "ain't that conley boy"

"That boy be on TV too, ain't that the same boy" (yea)

Fillin even better when i look in the mirror

Diamonds on my teeth when I'm smiling at the niggas

From the car lot, to the rim shop we crawl & we creep

Southside young beast that's how i come on these streets

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Lil' Phat:]

Look, I got a jag and its sleepin on duces

Funeral home my whips up my whip game stupid

I'm in the back seat, I'm in the back seat

At the light, open the door, showin my ass

You know how phat be

Impala drop on shontaez

O it's the dumb way

Lil Mama takin pictures she saw me on

Rip the runway

Shinin got my neck right

Shinin got my mouth right

Ankles braclets in dimes so

Shinin got my walk right

I use 2's by 2's

Like ill you stupid

Tiolet paper niggas streets up,

When It's time for me to use it

Take a picture of my hair cut

My steve harvey look right on

Yea i know you see the ice

I'm on they cut the light on me

Gucci bag 50 grand in it

Look don't put yo hands in it

Do it the dummy way

You Catch me doin my dance with it

Lil' Phat young boss if you don't know me

Aint no waitin, Ain't no thinkin

Nigga You gone have to show me

[Repeat Chorus:]


(Why Why Hmm)

B.O. what these niggas mad at me for

Frowned up lookin cry baby like T.O.

Don't blame me nigga, blame my C-E-O

He want to take a trip, To the money Let's G-O

I got black women, white women,

Asain & creol

Pretty face, pretty feet, no corned foot fritos

See Mouse like cheese so my nick name cheetos

Fuck a favor, or a hand out, Aint shit free hoe

I hop up out the chevy, ? wildin full of cenotes

Yo baby momma & my friend wanna have a trio

When I work that lumber an huh yea she no

I beat that pussy up (beat it up) like deebo

Hold up, damn nigga why you hatin on me dough

I see it in yo face and i could read ya like cleo

Every Everybody know, we don't keep it on D-Low

Trill ENT yea a nigga know how we roll

[Repeat Chorus:]

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