Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Soft To Hard

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If You Got Some Work Dats Soft Then I Can Make The Shit Hard...


I Started Off With Mustard Greens Gangsta Lean Good White For A Good Price My Whip Game Is Insane So Lil Boosie Live Dat Good Life Uncle Showed Me How To Rock It Up And Talk In Code Like I Need A Mike Vick Or A Baton Rouge Area Code Whoa Them Nine Pieces Dem Tony Parkers Them Whole Thangs They Bob Barkers My Area Code Is Two Two Five That Stand For A Two And A Quarter Listen Up Im A Rider Here I Whip That Thang Ivy Smith And Its Jumping Back To Twenty Nine Fish Scales They Hard To Find Soft Mixed Wit Dem Green Beans Thats For Them Real True Dope Fiends That Lace It Up Like No Legs I Aint Hatin Nigga Gone Head My Ecstacy Be Triple Stack Aint No Question You Feelin Like Jeezy Say If Its Still In The Rap Then Partna You Can Bring When Crack Hit The U.S. It Made A Epidemic Everybody Wanna Rock It Up Have You Ever Seen They Eyes Boy They Eyes Buck And They Fiending Wit It High Gone In Five Minutes But Bad Azz Supply Em Wit I Got It I Got It

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