Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Perfection

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Every since I was a lil nigga always wanted to be better

So I always hustle harder always grind smarter

Cuz my mama taught me how to be perfect how to write cursive

Back in high school I had a pass like NASH, I draw the best bitches

clean in all my pictures, clothes out the cleaners every since I was teen

Got the best things from the cars to the bling

Real street nigga I dont see how they could hate you (fuck em)

Aint nobody perfect its the effort that makes you

Got my own style special like my brother (TQ)

I teach the whole hood man I'm special like my mother

I fucked alot of models like Russell Simmons

Played alot of women I wouldn't call the shit pimpin

Made alot of mad songs made alot of sad songs

But you can bet that I never made a bad song

Perfection (Boosie) Perfection (Boosie) Perfection (Boosie)

Perfection I do it to perfection perfection

I do it to perfection perfection if you try to be

Perfectly (perfect) cause when you do you can only get better (thats right)

You should try to be perfectly cause when you do you can only get better (thats right)

Look, I gotta swagg (SWAGG) on me 20 cash (CASH) on me

Cook the bitch chicken,breast,and macaronii

& I dont even know y dey hatin on me, so I make a song to let em know I know dey hatin on me(I know nigga)

In the game Im the young walter payton (sweetness) got my own look

Fuck it sang my own hook, put that dick down good teach your girl a lesson

Tell a ghetto story teach a thug a lesson, yeah you living that life but your mama stressin

So you aint perfect you still eatin at the churches

Still feel kinda worthless when your friends gone

Never thought you'd need friends to lean on

I'm perfect with this pimpin, Im perfect with this muthafuckin insulin

I got my own haircut Im way fresher

Evisu's cuffed one time god bless ya.

Thanks to Will Mothershed for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Andre Wise for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Domo Banks for correcting these lyrics

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