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[Lil boosie]

I thank these niggas scared of me, its cool though.

nigga bump my shit wont even holla at me, i bump yo shit ima holla at u. but fuck it im a real nigga

befo i lay me down to sleep i kno that they dont want no beef (i thank these niggas scared x2)

i wanna thank god for blessin me to hit u wid this recipe yea, u got mo bread than me bitch, but i kno u scared of me bitch, dont wanna holla, bitch im bout a dolla, i came so sick now ima problem(problem child) cant get no features on my album niggas scared of lil boo, so when they ask me wut it do ima tell em fuck you, and when they mention me its negative its never positive nigga doubt and talk about me but i got a lot of skills

gotta live though, and make dese niggas succas yall rappin and rhymin i tell life stories mutha fucka you thank that u can hold me back, bitch i been retarded, and i got respect regardless if i dont hit the red carpet (how you love dat) im fixin to make em catch hell you saww dat double xl, me and my lil niggas fixin ta school up baby g anda real nigga this game a nigga got i put u hoes on my track, had them hoes sellin top and bottom, that mouth and that cat


all you niggas wanna be killas, betta know what you doin x2 open ya eyes while you shootin (ole scarry azz nigga)all you rappas wanna be actors, betta stay in da movies x2 and dont fuck around wid boosie (i think they scared, mayne i think dese niggas scared)

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