Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - In My Hood

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What's in yo hood? what's in yo hood?

Murders rapists 15 year old paper chasers

Old heads niggaz still rock dem alligators

Dope head nigga snort a whole bag up

Fuckin feds tryna snatch all our asses up

Hood rats tryna take us for what we got

Bullshit man it's like it don't neva stop

Korean bithces don't wanna cut us no fuckin deals

Dats why we post out front dey store with work and dem fuckin pills

Young niggaz rock enyce bustin heads

Stds aids

38s aks

Anybody can get it nigga it don't matter

Keep my name out ta mouth or get caught up in da rapture

In my hood man shit be real

In my hood man niggaz kill

Niggaz bout dat paper paper chea chaea

Niggaz ductape behind a mil

You got da rappers in da hood big head and boosie

The crackers in da hood big head and bronstupid

The jackers in da hood who die or go to jail

The ballers in the hood who post everybod bail

U got da bithces who be quick to fuck

Niggaz who be quick to buck

Ectasy methamines and dat angel dust

The heroine user

The three time loser

The funky junky what on his back we call the monkey da back stabbin homey

You don't want it I told you I run with soldiers

Three time losers who keep three black rugers

You got the hard nigga

The street nigga

The smart nigga

The weak nigga

On my street da weak nigga you beat nigga

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