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Lil Boosie - I Miss U

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Now I'm a Do This One For The Mommas Who Lost Dey Babies, For The Niggas Who Lost Dey Niggas... And The Lil Boys And Girls Who Lost Dey Daddys.

See These Devils Dey Do You Wrong(Dirty Mutafuckas)Niggas Died To Get Money Long(Dirty Mutafuckas)Everybody Gotta Hustle And They Hustle And They Strong Here Today Next Day You Gone In Ths Hood I Roam.Carla Hit Me On The Phone Like Becky Gone Camrae Just Died And Tefa Gone(Dedeauxs)For Every Momma Lost A Son They Gone Play This Song Missing Her Baby More And More Everyday He Gone.

Sincerly To Miss Linda From My Heart And Soul Twin You Still Gotta Brother Mutafucka You My Thug Til The Day I Go.Wish I Can Spin A Block With Ivy And Joc, Wish I Can Count Cake With Ace, Wish I Smoke Dope With Roe Mane Make You Feel Like God Tryna Tell You Something So Much Death In This World Nigga Ain't Scared Of. Remeber The Police They Killed My Nigga Nail Shawn On The Front Row Pulling Out A Hair(Damn)

Sometimes I Wanna Break Down And Cry, You Don't Know How Bad I Miss You Neva Gone Foget The Time That We Shine.

He heard da news bout his father na he mad(fucked up) He at home all alone n he miss his dad

Pressure on em all his life to get his daddy killa, momma strung out on dat liquor, son selling momma flippers, It's a cold world

Knw my grandma looking down an my father too, mad at da choices I make but I'm a father too

Fleet n Moo, my nigga don't say how much he miss ya

My thug running diamond Jacobs, rest in peace be with ya

Every gangsta cross da track n da fuckin grave from gun shots, to aids, life sentences gave dey memories keep em here with me, that purple n dat hennessy make it clear to see dat dey gone

I drunk a whole paint of syrup fa ya(cause u don't knw how bad I miss u)

Yea, I throw a party every 3rd fa ya (cause u don't knw how bad I miss u)

Neva gone fa get u nigga

Dis fa every momma lost a child, life ain't life no moe cause she lost with out a child

Remember breast feeding ha baby, send em school, wippin da cold out his eyes with ha spit what she'll neva fa get(mane)

Sincerly to Brandy Butler, I lov ya, I send so many kisses n hugs to niggas who gone like my Ivy... na da whole Southside ain't smilin dey wildin

Dey killin niggas mommas n retaliation, dey talk about da old days but dis new generation

Dey get bread n bust head fa any situation, one shot fa my nigga soulja, had ta soulja hate em(mane)

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