Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Hotboys Freestyle

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Lil Boosie mixtape nigga

Get how u live

Like I said

(Lil Boosie verse 1)

When it's Boosie and I'm stackin cheddar

Stackin better than ever

Keep me a black baretta for these niggas who fail to

Respect my mind and bitch don't shit

Imma grip this nine and u will never walk or climb

I'm fresh like Air Force 1's up on they first days

My gangstas work days got a nigga every Thursdays

Gotta keep it real bout em boy represent

Cause when it's beef

We gone creep

Down yo street

In a rental

I got to get a fit

To make these niggas sick

Look how he'd played em he put Jordan's on his whole click

Show love to real niggas

OG's to lil niggas

We kill niggas cause we can never feel niggas

In my block we don't stop

We be duckin the cops

He just left the barbershop now he fitted up wit da rock

Now he's a smooth operater

He blussin all the haters

He down to bust a head

Plus the nigga bout his paper look

I guess Imma savage

This smokin a habit

And I don't wanna end up like Rabbit or my daddy

So I'm tottin pistols

Ya flinch Imma hit ya

Ya stunt Imma get ya

Off top you get ya issue look

This for niggas in chains

Who tryin to maintain

If You don't answer his call he down to bust a brain

But keep ya head up

Do the time nigga

You done the crime you aint know hoe you been slangin iron

This here for hoes in dresses

Lookin so sexy tryin to impress this thug

Let me tell ya

I need a fine dime bitch

Wit a cute ass face

Who love to taste

LIL Boosie pepper dog spray

It's like one for my real niggas

Two for my real killers

Three for my straight rug dealers

Four is for my thug niggas

They buy Lil Boosie cause Lil Boosie speak the real that's why I love



(Verse 2)

I'm in a world that I don't understand

Becoming a man

Still keep a gun in my pants

Protectin the serve when I'm hustling man

On the next curb they struggling man

Them niggas broke they still fuckin wit grams

And they slick side hatin and shit

Chop shop and the sell still aint makin them rich

You gotta see the animosity

The boys Mobb Daeep like my nickname was Prodigy

Come follow me outta the streets of baton rouge city

Tour the states

See a lot of nice ass and titties

Blow cake spend cash like hammer

In yo face cocked back and I'm lastin hammers

Gotta court date skipped dat

Can't take my ass to the slammer

I be hollin by the whole south and I'm all in Atlanta

Bandannas always matchin my gear

And the hoes always askin if I can rap in they ear

Imma savage no fear

I gotta spittin dat gangsta shit

To a not so gangsta bitch

Man she went and got her girls they came and claimed the click

Yeah and we got flipped

Many niggas can't say that yeah we got grip

Hoe sucked my dick and I aint pay jack

And the trap that's a tip

Rubberband man don't play that come flat ya lips

Put in the clip and spray gats nigga

Holla at me


I'm young sick

The livings is trifile

He live wit da rifile

The nigga will snipe you

If the nigga don't like you

I like to

Say congratulations cause we gotta nice crew

Gotta lot of hoes

Givin dollars swallow pipe too

Mike one Mike two

My gun My shoe

So I advise you

To run for your life dude

Shit aint right in school man

Look so all I do is write in school

everything that's tight in school

Neva be aight but I'm alright wit tools and

All night wit crews and

Wit all type of Cubans

Cigars that is

Then the hoes come next

And then I sholl confess

That dog the blow come next

I had to hold one's eck

Cause she get outta control

We on the tour bus and then she give me mouth on the rode

This out the four for focus

On the mack now so

Nigga back down cause

Sick the clack rounds

Like the audience

I ought to been

The hardest kid around

But my father always told me I was not to kid around

So I'm sittin down thinkin to my self

Smokin cigarettes

Thinkin bout my health like man I need some help man

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