Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Gone But Not Forgotten

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Big wayne on da track nigga... boosie badazz e.n.t I might be gone but not forgotten (straight up) (let's get it)

[Chorus: x2]

Dey got a nigga like whooa man dis court shit done got outta control man (I might be gone but not forgotten) I can't sleep man should'ntof neva made fucked up police man (I might be gone but not forgotten)

Just left da lawyers office shit done got real, 3 before my trial now dey got a deal, do a year an the other charges dissapear, look cross da table T-lady my momma up in tears, should I take em to trial play with my life, my name Boosie Badazz I'm wrong an I'm wright, dey got me on my dvd's smokin weed, gave da picture to da judge shit I don't need, lawyers say I'm found guilty an it's five to thirty, all dat money I gave out deze niggaz sold me out, gave me a week to take the time and it's fucking with me, fuck da city damn judge I ain't even convicted, bleek told me don't play with em donkey told me fight, man my mind goin through a motherefuckin cycle,got enough money to hold me down when I'm gone away, 12 months the most I ever did was sixty days

[Chorus x2]

Fuck it send me up the road I ain't goin to trial, take my lick an sit down put on a couple pounds, told my round told me down shit fanna get real, take care my kids be focused don't be poppin pills, I'm comin home with a grudge goin off like pac, any nigga who owe me money we come an wet ya block, any nigga who act funny I'm a expose dey ass, think my career over with I'm a show dey ass, call my NFL cats I need a couple stacks, hold me down my nigga, I need you now my nigga, jus had a talk with ivy honor my oldest child, daddy gone be gone a while she broke down an cried,(i cried to fanna sell a couple cars quick hundred g's, a couple diamond chains 200 g's, family gone eat when I'm gone I gotta master plan, leak a song every week come home da man

[Chorus x2]

Thanks to Tray for correcting these lyrics

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