Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Fuck You

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(feat. Webbie)


Damn Nigga How Do It Like That Make Dem Gangsta Ass Niggas Bump Yo Music Like Dat Make Dem Big Thick Fine Hoes Shake They Booty Like That Twenty One Roll Strap Wit Lil Boosie Like That Playin Mine Games Wit Me Ill Do U Like That Im A Grown Ass Man Bitch Persue Me Like Smoke But Best When Im Cruisin Laid Back Wit Some Trill Ass Niggas That I Knew Since Way Back Still Young I Aint Cop My First Murder Case Stay Strap And Cant Wait To Push A Nigga Face Number One On 106 Still A Rob A Race Track Still Hangin In Da Mix Where It Aint Safe At Im On Some Foolish Shit Wit These Rugers And Shit Im On Some Run In Yo House Bitch You Move And Get Hit I Cant Take Out My Grill Cause I Cant Take Out This Real Im The Savage Shit Trill From My Heart Mane I Feel Nigga


Fuck U(Yeah I Fucked Yo Bitch)

Nigga Fuck U(And You Bet Not Say Shit)Nigga Fuck U Yeah You Be Running That Shit Nigga Fuck U U Bout None Of That Shit


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