Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Fuck The Police

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[Lil Boosie:] <br /> <br />They cook’n there when I wuz 12, <br /> turned me against it <br />sent me to the first funeral now im a victim[of the law] <br />My daddy told em kids <br />I’ll never forget <br />He went to jail on Holland Road, for tryn to piss <br />Hit my auntie Trina tho, lookin for my cousin <br />Looked at me cross da street and said “Boy you ugly” <br />Mane 11 was my first run in wit them bustuz <br />Then Stoopid roughed me up cuz I told em muthafuck him <br />The story gets worse my hustle got deadly <br />Duckin and runnin from that dirty bitch John Kelly <br />All thru school u can catch me wit my tool <br />Smashin with that magnum n the red white n blue <br />They ask me for money <br />Tryna bribe me and all <br />They let them dogs eat me out my fuckin nuts <br />Don’t give a fuck this is freedom from jail <br />I want all u dirty bitches to rot in hell <br /> <br />[chorus:] <br />Cities <br />Fuck ‘em <br />Narcotics <br />Fuck em <br />Feds <br />Fuck em <br />D.As <br />Fuck em <br />We don’t need you bitches on our street <br />Say wit me <br />Fuck the police, fuck the police <br />[x2] Without that badge you a Bitch and a half <br />Fuck the police, fuck the police <br /> <br />[Webbie:] <br /> <br />Come search this Bitch <br />Don’t do weight <br />Cuz im too straight <br />And y’all lil bitches a lil too late <br />Cuff me up in front my kids <br />I look em all in they faces <br />Walk me out like im a killer, scared the fuck out my neighbors <br />So they all put a pen and paper on the table and told me <br />“give us the names and you can leave this bitch" <br />I cant believe this shit <br />What in the hell?! <br />If that’s the only way out then you can show me my cell <br />Look, tell niggaz stop <br />I’ll sit here till I rot <br />For all that, I could’ve been a bitch-ass cop <br />Yeah boo, I got got they hit me for a few thou <br />But you dirty bitches I’m ballin and I aint missin ‘at all <br />Soon as I got back to the house I went and opened a pound <br />Counted out 700, so much shit aint get found <br />And I know the police listen and I’m telling you now <br />You can never hold a Trill nigga down <br />Nigga fuck you <br /> <br />[Chorus:] <br /> <br />[Lil Boosie:] <br /> <br />This shit’ll never stop <br />Need to keep it real ha <br />We need to be like Cali niggaz, and kill cops <br />Stoopid you stupid <br />I hope you rot in hell <br />Ya jokes b ya jokes trell and won’t be in ell <br />Wonder why I look at yo ass under eye <br />I get a billion ima hit you bitches from the sky <br />You gon’ be dead just like Ivy, a kill drop <br />You feds cities I wont all you bitches killed nah(booya) <br />Yeah we used to run that dope <br />You already know <br />Served them birds <br />17 a batch a coke <br />Took my Beamer I’ll neva forget <br />Not enough money in the bank and they can take yo shit? <br />They went in Webbie house the other day(dirty muthafuckaz) <br />Took a $100,000 away <br />They sayin they don’t protect shit <br />Sincerely yours, Mister BadAzz <br />suck my dick and die quick,bitch <br /> <br />[Chorus:]<br /><br />

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