Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Do It Again

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<span class="feat">(feat. Lil' Phat & K.T.)</span>

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Lil Boosie bad ass and I wanna know if you a do it again baby girl, you know what I'm talkin bout,

if you a press rewind if I ain't have shit, make a nigga wonder sometime fa real

(ohhh oooohh do it againnnn, do it againnn)

<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

Now if I ain't have shit would she still love, a nigga hair all nappy underarms musty,

if I wasn't boosie bad ass would she still fuck me,

tell the truth would me n you ever had an discussion,

would you do it again, get away from all your friends,

would you still be happy if I ain't have no bens sometimes I ask myself,

would she forgive me for them other kids I had on her long night on the corner all the nights

I jumped on her, chill mama but mama just a little girl,

I'm 17 she 15 we having a little girl, she keep it guttah gotta give her dat,

she say she tired but if she tired tell me why she ain't leave yet,

never had a job over a week I really spoiled her when we go eat she beyonce and I'm sean carter,

if I worked at burger king and approached you smelling like onion rings would she do half the things she done to me


If I could'ntgive you the finer thangs,

the money and the whips and the diamond rings

Would you do it again

I wanna know, I wanna know

Would you do it again

I wanna know I wanna know

And if I didn't have my baller status

And if you didn't have the 7 ?

Would you do it again

I wanna know I wanna know

Would you do it again

I wanna know I wanna know

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

If she brought me home to her mama,

she disagree with her decision,

would you wild out if she threatened to put her child out,

would she still go get them birds for me slang that syrup for me be at court extra early for me

(sometimes I ask myself) put her on her first plane,

told her do her thang took her to emmitt 5 g's on a pinky ring,

if I wasn't boosie boo would she ride for me,

would she had layed down took that pain and have that child for me,

she kept it real from the start she ease my brain, was it the chain,

was it the game, was it the name,

she stayed faithful that's why I love her through thick n thin,

made visits n commisary when I hit that pin,

I had my homework she had her homework,

she went from drawers to thong work I'm a fool with it,

if I worked at mickey d's and hooked you up with a #3 would you be nice and give your number to me


<i>[Verse 3:]</i>

With all the money I got and all the whips that I buy

if I ain't have nothing would you still be by my side,

if I ain't have this status no purple just reggie

if I ain't have no daddy I'd be diggin ?,

I'll still be selling off the store no fresh golds no fresh clothes no bad hoes

sad hoes girl would you still be my hoe,

no fendi no prada no gucci can't buy that would you still lay under me at night time in the projects,

no diamond chains from emmit a honda no bentley,

would you still go low if I ain't have this image no sean john cologne no deodorant my odor strong,

would I fuck these red bones if I ain't have my bread long,

rewind my lifetime you prolly wouldn't have fuck me,

no showers on my grind you prolly wouldn't have suck'd me,

just rewind my lifetime you prolly wouldn't have fuck'd me

no showers on my grind you prolly wouldn't have suck'd me


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