Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Confused

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And lately, I, been so confused

Dropped outta school got a beef and got a tool

Now I'm ready to chop ya crew

Been talkin to tha devil is whateva with lil bo

You ain't heard I was raised by some hard heads

They locked up or they all dead

Spoon fed or dog fed

We untame, that's how I play it

And everybody changin, trippin all a sudden

Ain't askin how I'm feelin they just askin me for money

Now three years ago they talked about me,

Criticized me, and laughed at me

Called me local joker had lil boosie finna stop rappin

I'm still so confused, got bread and still ain't happy

Cause I'm lost without these pictures, lil I and my fuckin daddy

God tell me bout this ho right here, is this just a ho right here? will she keep it gutta if a nigga go and blow this year

That purp is what we smoke this year

Blowin up I see it clear

Rap game on a nigga

I'm finna show them bitch that boosie real

That hatin cause I shake back

Brand new monte, take that

Real spinnas on it, whatever they want

I'm gon pay that

I got it so I lay back

Jung-out style

And I got a five westin connection,

Ask my nigga lil rob

And I got diamonds on my pinky ring

Niggas wanna stank me manye

I flood the city with drank now they callin me the drank king

I'm still tryna maintain, fore I catch me a case

Tryna make baton rouge look like cali and you still gon hate?

And I don't lost alot of niggas, my trust fucked up

And I done did some dirty shit that's why my luck fucked up

It ain't no purple in the city so I'm sippin that tus

I mention like smoke out friday when he hit that dust

Member of them zigzag big sacks them burberry dates

When you snatched your first purse went hit the mall and got laid

Manye they got niggas in the grave so confused

They saw they death comin and they could'ntduck them tools

And lately, I been gettin too motherfuckin high

I'm on my third blunt before the fuckin sun rise

From the cradle to the grave,

I'm gon always keep it gutta

I should be number 1 on everybodys list, motherfucka

And lately, I, been so confused dropped outta school got a beef and got a tool (tool tool tool)

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