Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Baby Momma

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This one heres for dem baby mommas

Who make baby daddys dont even wanna be a baby daddy

Feel this nigga, Lil Boosie

Check this out...

Baby momma, Baby momma Im tired of you(I'm tired)

Im to the point where I wont confide in you(Confide)

You play them games that a child do

When you need'a do them thangs that a momma do

Baby momma, Baby momma you stressin me(You stressin me girl)

Cos I aint wit you think less of me(You think less'a me)

And we aint gotta take the test to see

You need to change ya ways so you can see the best in me

Baby momma, Baby momma you lied to me(Ya lied)

A good man I tried to be(I tried)

You do me wrong even the blind could see

Thats why I got another woman on the side a me

And she gon' love me betta, fuck me betta,

warm me up up in the coldest weather; she 'bout whateva, ya heard me

Baby momma, Baby momma I trusted you

It was soo good I left it in when I made love to you

I'm askin...


Why you cry'n girl?

Why you be lyin girl?

Why you wont shine girl?

On the stretch you know its mine girl

I'm askin...

Why'd you have a baby?

Just to drive me crazy?

Why you be actin shady, when you 'posed to be my lady?

Baby momma, Baby momma thought you loved me hoe(Luh me ho)

But you gon' put a our child on child support(Child support)

And you dont even want my child to know

That it aint daddy its his momma who wylin out

Baby momma, Baby momma you jealous of me(Ya jealous)

You dont even want the fellas wit me(My niggas)

And you keep on tellin me to slow my roll

but behind you I'm catchin felonies

Baby momma, Baby momma where the love done went(Luh done went)

Dont wanna leave ya cos I love ya scent(Ya smell)

The names I call you aint really meant

But I'm tired of all this fightin and these arguments

Besides we grown, not no more teenagers

So you can stop playin them games, try'na check my pager

You need to get your mind right, if not I'll see ya later

You 'posed to take my side, but you listen to the haters

I'm askin...


Baby momma, Baby momma you hurted me(Ya hurted me)

Me and you know you deserted me(Why)

I aint gon' lie, felt like you murdered me

Cos you the only girl who ever hold work for me

Baby momma, Baby momma you a opossum now(You sneaky)

I heard you ridin through a bottom now(For what)

And try'na get back on my team

cos you heard I had a major plug on promenthazine, bitch please

Baby momma look what I did for you(What I did)

I took you places that you never knew(You aint even know dat)

I bought you any kinda tennis shoe

If I thought I wasnt gon' make it, I'll finish you(BLAH)

Baby momma you missin me(I know dat)

I know you miss how you was kissin me(Fa sho)

It's sad to say that you a friend to me

But just remember cant nobody lay that dick like me

I'm askin...


Baby momma I done grew up now(On my own)

I got a ho, shes so tru love now(Shes grown)

And I heard you got a new thug now

But you goin through emotions...emotions...emotions

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