Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie - Ass, Mouth And Head

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I like dem freaky ass hoes kno wat I'm talkin bout

Them hoes who don't talk who just put it n their mouth

Them hoes who go off suck da whole click up

Ride a nigga dick from da back niggas love dat

I'm patiently waitin

In da corner I'm smokin while ma niggas in da room hollin bussa wide open

Ii like gurls who like gurls I like'em pairs five people in da bed n we locked up like crabs

Like sex like money she don't neva use her teeth so I kcall her young gummy]

Big money got da women real loose they don't need no goose they just wanna c boo n it's goin down jr jumpin out da top row seats too bleek finna join in and slang me too evrybody fuckin somethin

Big dookie he cuttin something

Jack wanna sample

We clownin savanna

Send me one ain't scared ass mouth n head

Let's get straight to the fact(wats happenin)

Girl wats happenin with that cat let a nigga stab dat

Only nigga want a nigga like woooo

Beta be careful school girl boosie boo like hoes

Only n fa one nite so u gotta get rite

N if u ain't then u gota get like

Like a bitch with a mean head

Clean pussy

Pretty face

Pay da bills at her on place

Dats ma lil gangsta

Bend ova let me spank u on da rite side

U kno wat taste your pussy if yo mouth dry

She like where ya'll niggas from we say da southside

Actin bad whoopin dem hoes with our call fire

Send me one ain't scared ass mouth and head

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