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Light in the Piazza movie - Fable lyrics

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You can look in the forest<br>

For a secret field<br>

For a golden arrow<br>

For a prince to appear<br>

For a fable of love that will last forever<br>


You can look in the rooms<br>

For a wishing well<br>

For a magic apple<br>

For a <br>

For a fable of love that will carry you<br>


To a moon<br>

On a hill<br>

To a hidden stream<br>




Sail away from time forever<br>


To a valley beyond the setting sun<br>

Where waters shine and horses run<br>

Where there's a man who looks for you<br>

But while you look you are chained turning<br>

You're a well of wishes<br>

You're a fallen apple<br>





Love's a fake<br>

Love's a fable<br>


Just a painting<br>

On a ceiling<br>

Just a children's fairy tale<br>

Still you have to look<br>


And look (x8)<br>


Through the eyes<br>

On a bridge in the pouring rain<br>

Not the eyes but the part you can't explain<br>

For the arms you can fall into forever<br>


For the joy that you thought you'd never know<br>

For here at last away you go<br>

To a man who looks for you<br>


Can you find in the world<br>

In the wide, wide world<br>

That someone sees<br>

That someone loves you<br>




Love if you can now, my Clara<br>

Love if you can<br>

And be loved<br>


May it last forever<br>






The light in the piazza<br>



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