Leslie Clio

Leslie Clio - Make Things Better lyrics

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If only we could last forever

If you could love me all the time

If only I could make the sun shine

If only I'd stayed on your mind

Who said I don't, I'll always love you

And I learned harder treat you right

You're a man of many heartbreaks

But I keep my hopes so high


Cause I would stop the lies

And you'd stop making me cry

If you'd really try

You can start to make things better

I know what love is like

I was a lonely child

So I don't have to fight

We can start to make things better

(Verse 2)

Maybe we should lax forever

Born to love you all the time

I found a way to make the sun shine

Need to get back on your mind

I know I'm only blind in places

And we should type the story right

Cause no-one needs another heartbreak

Should be me right down the line

(Chorus x2)

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