Leslie Clio

Leslie Clio - Fuck What They Told Ya lyrics

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All those bad girls I've bored

Cause they don't like what's in store

You know you're girl's super fly

Watch your baby bye bye

I'm tired of faking rad

Stop watching 'Breaking Bad'

Roll up the sunny side

And everything is right, alright

My friend from Finland called

Said you can win them all

Can't follow everyone

Told Jinn come back have fun fun fun


Love it or leave it, but

Won't really pay no mind

Keep banging my own drum

Fuck what I told ya

Won't rock around the clock

Just cause your stage fly high

Keep banging my own drum

Fuck what they told ya

Fah-fah-fah, fah-fah-fah

Fah-fah-fah, fuck what they told ya (x2)

(Verse 2)

All this glitter and gold

Why should I do what I'm told

Don't rain on my parade

I'll sing my own serenade

How to look and what to wear where

Out of vote, why should I care?

Tell the man your time is up

I don't want just another cloud

Why would I wanna fake for real?

Betta trust in what I feel

If you're no friend of mine

Stop begging me, don't waste my time



You're mighty mighty smart

Right just the way you are

So let your barely-es, oh

Be barely positive, be proud

You know you're looking good

Just like you knew you would

Roll up the sunny side

Don't let nobody steal your shine


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