Leslie Clio

Leslie Clio - Bad Eyes lyrics

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Pop, beat it off the phone

Momma said you're off your SOAD

I get hot when I'm all alone

Not loving you tonight, not bad eyes bad eyes

Heaven is on the wall

I won't come home, I won't come home

Don't don't bother to call

Don't don't bother to call


Make me understand, you got

No, I'm not wishing pushing

Help me understand, you don't

Lie, don't lie don't lie don't

Make me understand, you got

No, drive me crazy crazy

Make me understand, you got

Go, five fee-fi-fo-fum


And I do like you, but I don't like lies

Baby, talk is cheap, I want sacrifice

I wanna do that and I don't wanna do it alone

But all I see is such bad bad eyes

(Verse 2)

Don't run me like a fool

No matter how in the back of the room

I'm a queen betta follow the rules

Take and like it, no sad bitch baby




I see your bad bad eyes

Wanting nothing, winding nothing again

Looking out for something but you never look at me, my friend

Gotta start the wonder shit, I tried I guess I shouldn't

I try to pretend, although I feel like I wouldn't buy it

One trick money, not a one track mind

And the past is always glad enough to give it very kind

I'll be givin' you a chance and you really shouldn't pass it

I hate to see this coming, but this gotta be yo last gig


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