L.E.$. - Trilla

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Popping, popping, popping truck on niggas ...

With that candy on my Caddie,

Bitch I'm swanging and I'm banging, got them boppers looking at me

And my ... bad bitches on my ...

We rolled up and we poured up, we slowed up and it don't stop

This... shit, you talk shit, .. does it

Your chick on my nuts bitch

I'm too hard to fuck with

We ... made it for, ...

I keep it classic like shell toes

Got bitches all on my cellphone

Got switching the lane, steady nigga...

Look at my piece at my chain...give me brain

... I putting the lot, told you that I'ma be hot

But you ain't hitting my shit

I roll me another and puff that

A player ain't never gonna puff that

I got me a couple of bitches that give me the bitches

But I won't discuss that

I flip in my system... touch that

I'm smoking, I'm sipping, I'm leaning

I know that you scheming but not gonna bust that

I bust me a left and I bust me a right

.... killing the niggas consistently, slipping and tripping and try to get you a ...

Just like the pimp in the...

Cause I've been down my ... hoe, bet I got a mean floe

Hopping out the candy motherfucker with your dream hoe

I stay too fly and I fall from a ..

Bitches wanna know the name, ... dollar motherfucker.

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