L.E.$. - The Meaning

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What’s the meaning?

What’s the meaning of life?

Huh, check, look!

Fly figure, niggas best before a picture

I oblige, pass the phone to a nigga, oh yeah!

It’s the life that we’re living, baby, we’re young stars!

Getting these new money, buying some more cars

Super-sport with the racist stripe

A real nigga never riding with that hating type! Never!

Anticipating in the streets, drop and take flight, work!

We’re coming up in the game, with success I flirt

Ride stacks in the streets, too many pot holes merking

And I ain’t slowing down for nothing, that’s for certain!

Feet hurting for stepping on lames, I give her flames

I’m member of a secret society in the game.

Who’s to blame for this sucker sitting at the table?

Making enough ‘em fairytales and they’re telling fables

Living lives that they’re probably only seen on cable

Paint whiter than cane, because a nigga able!

What’s the meaning,

What’s the meaning of life?

What’s the meaning,

What’s the meaning of life?

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