L.E.$. - Sunday Drive

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Yeah, bitch

(Girl, I don't wanna be wit you)

Yeah, uh


O.k., head turned up, I'm leaning up on the classical

Got leather, light up the sweet, take a pullet, she pass it

You know the smelly aroma, but, shit, we looking like paper

Take a look in they eyes, I swear they lookin' like haters

Had dreams of being Tony, but I neva wanna die

Write the (???) in my name, hunt that blimp in the sky

Neva lost in a high, matter fact, I'm quite focused

Lookin' at the com drive, I check the specs on a Lotus

I don't really call it dreaming, I just call it plannin'

Cause where I said I'd be is exactly where I'm standin'

You respectz what we demanding, cause that hustle ain't no joke

Couple planes, couple boats, take a (???), I can't


Exotic bitch up in my beamer, look like Cassey with ass

120 miles per hour when I look at the dash

She ain't trip it, no, I got it, daddy, keep it in control

On the race out for them pessos, my position is the Pope

Who niggas play the cut, only busters need attention

All those bitches in my DM's be the ones you niggas mention

You see the way we livin', she ain't rockin' wit you lames

They seein' how we ballin', but ain't playn in no games

I be wit yo chick, that flick on the X-Box

Couple of hours, and I letta make the bed rock


(Girl, I don't wanna be wit you)


Huh, this that Sunday afternoon shit

Smoking wit the sun in the sky

Drive slow, hit the spot on the ride,

Been (???) through the city just to see what I could see

Takin' in the energy and then I put that shit on beats

See me on the streets, I'm observin', gotta watch my every step

Crazy what these niggas do fo' respect, they at their neck(?)

If you lookin' like you got it, betta have yourself protection

They ain't askin' if it's real when you flexin'

I'm caught up in this life but I ain't tryna get out, huh

Straight out to the top, I think I found us a route, huh

I need a lil' gas, but it looks like I could make it

Hey, look, we almost there and I can tell the niggas hatin'

It's God's favorite, and I knew it everytime that I advance

That's why I always left it in his hands

Smoking, neva stressin', then I fall back in the place

I know the niggas bitta, I can see it in they face

Push it to the limit, know I like the speed

Only half the percentage of what I'm 'bout to be

Laughing at all those bitches that eva doubted me

Nigga, I only fuck wit sayn they proud of me

Shit is crazy, but that's how the game go

Slow it down and change flows,

They can try it, but it ain't the same, no

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