L.E.$. - Sucka Free

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Check, sucka free living, see what I'm getting

could've been chillin now eat the sitting it pretty

different dimension, keep palm living,

bitches be tripping because it do what is spitting,

my nigga is full of ambition we're tryin to get to the bridge

some others meeting the reefers and them others move to the fans,

some other's making out, but we still live with demos

cover my pain with my vices, you come smoking and leanin

and is the money we finnin, now is it barely the life,

when you turn in your ice, to the face of the Christ,

like you play the possessions I finally see the love,

thinking we're winning the game, but really takin the loss,

taking it off, but nigga for the paper,

bitch I'm a boss hold nigga you a hater

boy I'm a floss, sitting on some alligator, baby sweet to

and my pain is now or later,

black track suit, to gonna change

bitch by dime, kiss my ring,

smoke this kush out, drink champagne

you can fall victim to this game, niggas addicted to the fame

love attention, love the hoes, man I swear they love them hoes

niggas tricking on them p**su yeah they really love the hoes

but I'm f*cking off for free, I'm the one who's getting chose

and she bring the money back, you're the one that's getting hoe,

man this nigga's getting oh, man this nigga getting run,

so shout out to my phones, bitch you know that I'm the one

1000 dollar I got that gun, I let that motherf*cker bay

I drop my motherf*ckin name, and let the motherf*ckin name

on your hoe ass nigga, hoe ass hoes, bite my style,

jack my flows, call your bitch she'll be at my shows than her phone cuts up

yeah but she on my flow, bust it over for a real nigga, baby

bust it over for a real nigga, uh

now pop that p**sy for a pimp, now put my name on the..

I'm a dawn and I walk with an imp

and when you see me recognizing I'ma G

stop playing hoe, you know who I'd be

you'd better treat your player like somebody

you f*ck around and end up in the big body

you know I'm talking bout.

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