L.E.$. - Road

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Come and take a ride nigga

Yeah, come and take a ride nigga

yeah just come and take a ride nigga

AH, look

A lot of chick the change but I remain in the same

feel like I gotta be high, for me to feel like I'm sayin

but I don't never complain, is this the life that I want?

I'm working hard in the B for all the shit that I flow

I put the gin in the juice and then I'm stepping the boo,

don't really know how to front so I just give em the truth

turn up the life that I'm living, give em the good and the bad

I'm only doing me partner I don't need cut up and fake

I'm rounding round to the living, I'm smoking singin alone

man if this life is a sin, well f*ck it homie I'm wrong

but I know that ..that's why I smile when I'm stressed,

I give my hustle my all until it ain't nothing left,

I swear the shit was a dream but now I'm living the shit,

party was slimming for real they got me trippin the shit,

man I don't know how it happen but I ain't f*ckin at all

I get my foot up on the gas and I won't stop till I ball.

It's like I'm going out this road again, go in night this road again x 4

When the kids all lost, I'll work and try to make it the boss

we go get that paper at all caught

tryin to live like a king and let my niggas do the same,

put a smile on their face, get away from all the pain,

don't do the shit for me homie I do the shit for us,

I wanna see as live, 'cause this life it ain't enough,

we're losin all our niggas to the system in the grave

all because he had a dream took a while and get paid

put the food up on this table try to lead the fam

but they're throwin our life like they don't give a damn

I close my eyes and try to reminisce bout better days

our worries then but f*ckin hoes they copin day

the times changed niggas doing in time to losing light

go in left because we never make it livin right,

I'm feeling like they never ever wanna see this way

but yeah I'm still going down this road again.

It's like I'm going out this road again, go in night this road again x 4

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