L.E.$. - Reign Part 2

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Look, pitchin me rolling bitch, pitchin me coming down

speaking that real shit, king of the underground,

foreign at top blaze, slap on the made it four,

sipping the purple sprite, keep me a yellow hoe,

polo what..frame, whole niggas know the name,

bumpers they go insane every time that they see the rain

I'm speaking up dump shit, is making them listen up

put the fruit in the kitchen I'm out to making your living

and I got the top in my vision, is best to stay up my way

the place you disrespect dollar would be the place that you lay

master the game high the sky I do the shit every day

it's like a hitter that powder we bout to get em away

them suckers full of the hate, they envy us and they jealous

I told em f*ck all the wolves, I'm out here living with ..

say is the shit you can tell us, we raise against the machine,

you out here living your life I might here living the dream

sometime I feel like a fin, can't get enough of the shit,

I got the shit in my vein don't think I'm never gonna quit,

I swear the shit is the thrill I swear I'm speaking through life,

the only question I have, as if I'm living it right

I'm reaching out to the life, but still I'm stuck in the dark

I get the game on my hustle but never gave it my heart

because I knew she would break it, it just a matter of time

new commit it the moves, but never mention the grind nigga.

Yeah, nigga you witness in the reign,

uh uh yeah it's my time to reign

you witness in the reign.

Look, these boys we're talking but I'll be blow and smoking the sky

I'm on a natural high, I feel like I'm never gonna die,

you see the shit in my eyes they f*cking blood shuts,

top shot about Obama now you..

alligator on my toast better shoot em nigga,

why you acting like a hoe, you a groupie nigga

see me rolling through the streets you salute me nigga

always telling on these hoes, but you gonna do em nigga

you a goofie nigga, see me rolling through the streets you all salute me nigga

always telling at these hoes what you gonna do me nigga,

you a goofie nigga, boy I swear they a joke,

I'm here to take the game, go run and tell your fow,

because you motherf*ckers is gonna need some backup

I got them killers with me and they bout to act up,

we bout to mask up, we are on a mission

told my niggas I would win, man can try to see my vision I

now I'm sitting the position where I'm bout to be a dawn one

war p**sy we could get it on,

You witness in the reign,

nigga you witness in the reign

uh uh yeah it's my time to reign

you witness in the reign.

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