L.E.$. - Regulate

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Ain't fucking with you niggas, playing with you hoes

High in the biz, still standing on my toes

Eyes half closed but they still on the prize

Better stay in your lane, that's the word to the wise

Friends turn foes, when you chasing the dough

Grew up next door, now you facing the floor

With a barrel to your back, asking where is at ?

All cause the candy all up on your Cadillac

They don't wanna see you shine, rather lay your ass dying

Sick of ass niggas, going, emulate your grind

They know what you rhyme, them mimic, straight gimmick

Niggas wanna ...

It's acting like they've been did it

Nigga leave, homie don't follow

Guarantee we make a leave that she don't swallow

...breaking down the trees with a new bottle

Shawty says she 19 and she do model

But she get the cold shoulder, only 21 to older

Let another nigga mold her

Chasing Testa Rosas, Maybachs with the chauffeur

Know my time is getting over, so wanna lay back when it's over

Stand on the grind, stepping in my aunt's ...

Teach him how to stunt, lil boy ...

seconds ain't fly like let's be

Sour niggas get styled on so freshly

Let's meet like a nigga's knees right at you

Allergic to them fuck boys

... I don't smoke bullshit, got them mj's on...

Carolina blue kicks, hottest nigga on the block

Young and in the game, got the hottest bitches on my ...

Murder in the scene, and I promise it will never stop

Looking at my rollie and I gotta cop a better clock, bitch.

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Thursday 9th of February 2012 11:46
Rapper LE$ takes a classic and works his magic on it. “Regulate” is the track where he snatches Nate Dogg & Warren G’s seminal classic and takes it for a joyride around the block.