L.E.$. - Pen Pimpin

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(Hook x10)

What that bitch said? Pimping ain't dead!


I talk the shit that I wanna

I do the shit that I like

Ride the Chevy wit spinner

He hit the switch at the light

Free whip thru the city

Left the beamer at home

See, I'm Jacking the Slang

Tryna tell ya to close

On the mission to get it

The only thought on my mind

Otha niggas was trippin',

This is a different design

They think the hustle a crime

But we just slangin' the rep

It might look like a booth

But this bitch is a track

Steady pimpin' the pen,

Be finessin' them lies

But they dn't go when they knows

You just listen to mine

Be you had an (???)

Cause I don't eva cut

We just give you the raw

I know it's fukin' you up

Play this shit in yo system

When you pull up on yo hoes

I heard the haters be lookin'

So we gon' give 'em a show

Came up in the game

Did it a tape at a time

They tell you pimpin' was dead

Man, that shit was a lie

(Hook x10)

What that bitch said? Pimping ain't dead!


I bet you got it twisted

You don't know who to trust

All these copycat niggas wanna sound like us

Playa hatin' from a distance, but they study yo moves

Know a nigga neva fit

On walkin' in yo shoes

Hating on me for those hoes

Cause we accomplish on goals

That bitch suckin' yo blood

And it is starin' to show

But I ain't trippin', it's nothin'

We just continue the hustlin'

Tryna get me a Bentley

And sit that bitch on the buttons

You ain't in the discussion

When they speakin' on witness

This ain't fo no beginner

That's taking trip on my dinner(?)

I'm just chillin', my nigga

I'm just coolin' yo deed(?)

Making workin'

Look easy, but we still workin' the big

Paint that picture so vivid

So you can see all the colors

Fuckin' material shit

But neva let it become us

Givin' dubs to my niggas

Hand outs to the lames

Might be able to see 'em,

But you ain't touching the planes

(Hook x10)

What that bitch said? Pimping ain't dead!

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