L.E.$. - Peep Da Picture 2K12

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Nastier than a motherfucker, nastier…

Too dark in this motherfucking studio, can’t ready, raps

It feel like you got …when you did …

It feel like you got ...that’s how I feel

Look, paint the picture Le$ won’t hit you, but god split you

Give a bunch of dick, but I ain’t bout to make you rich

So you gonna leave like you came, xcept with some cum on your shirt

Bitches platin on my chains cause I’m putting in work

Ain’t no baby mama drama, shit I’m thugging with no seats

That’s why I bust a nut, clean my dick and then I leave

Thought I’ll ever get attached, cause I got it like that

I didn’t had a dream…hit that bitch from the back

And your girlfriend too, sorry homie, thought you knew

Brought her to the hog pen, introduced her to the crew

Ain’t no love for a …pass them bitches all around

Just like the…when it’s filled up with that loud

Make a pimp proud baby bring me back some money

I’m worried bout … but they worried bout the honey

And I think it’s so funny when them hater niggas dissing

I be the same reason that they main bitch missing

Yeah I got your bitch nigga, she wating my dick and balls nigga

Licking all on my balls say, busting all in her face, I got your bitch nigga, yeah.

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