L.E.$. - Mind Playin' Tricks

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Mind playin tricks, look

At night I can’t rest, I can’t relax

I’m fighting my sleep feel like the devil’s on my back

Mind moving bout a million miles a minute

Back to the wall, trying to figure out how to get it

To stay an honest man, to stick to the plan, it’s getting hard

Dreaming bout flipping the benz on boulevards

The shit, we got crumbs, still trying to get a loaf

Just to get a little bread, still gotta do the most

I’m rolling with the toast cause the black is hot

I’m barely in the game and they want my spot

I mean I got a little I ain’t got a lot

Sucka niggas still hate, and they scheme and plot

Sad thing, but fuck it, gotta deal with it

Got it on my lap, guaranteed I kill with it

Got a little flow bet I make a mill with

Over niggas heads, real nigga still get it

Still with it, never quitting and never switch

Vowed to keep it 100, and to never snitch

Know the g code, live by, die by

Rolling more up, bout to get sky high

Bout to sky dive into some money

Guaranteed you ain’t taking it from me, nigga

This year Halloween came on a weekend

Me le$ and thugga went drink or treating

Robbing bad bitches for ass, smoking …codeine, getting dashed

I need the root of all evil, forgive me I have sinned

Have mercy on my soul, I gotta get it win

I used to want us win,

But now I own bugattis, and a private jet like the ones flying out at …

Balling used to be a hobby now this shit a habit

Used to window shop Louies now I gotta have it

I started in the basement, now I’m in the attic

Addicted to this dirty money, that’s why I’m an addict

Rushing to that finish line till a nigga’s at it

When they saw the jagged flags on my back tattered

Chain shining like my diamonds dipped in black magic

Sick flow when I spit they say I act magic

Bitch I’m eating like rice when it’s shrimp fried

Trillest nigga ask…since pimp died

I’m … in the flesh nigga, came out the pussy in plastic, I’m a fresh nigga

Realest nigga stepping in some red…

Rapping to that nigga money longer than a metro, run it!

I make big money, I drive big cars

Everybody know me, it’s like I’m a movie star

But later at night, something ain’t right

I think I’m getting …by the same haters’ headlights

Reach for the k, time to turn night to day

Open up the door, then I let the k spray

Act in more way, I’m tired of playing with them jackers

I told them pussy niggas, they ain’t playing with an actor

Thugga ain’t an actor, I’m bout that street shit

So if it’s going down, let’s get it over with

I’d rather dim dead then me scared

To lay my head on the pillow when I go to bed

I can’t sleep, I toss and turn

Watching my haters dump when they feel them bullets burn

Waking up by the sleep in the cold sweat

Only thing I remember was busting the tec

At the bitch ass niggas who was trying to get me

I got them all but I think 2 hit me

God damn homie, my mind playin tricks on me.

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