L.E.$. - Meditation

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Can I paint the perfect picture, can I get up in your mind?

Can I kill your truthful eyes, look deep into my eyes

The king with a dream like Martin Luther

I’m standing on the balcony are you the shooter?

Bulletproof my heart, check my soul

I’m holding on a dream never letting go

At war with myself, I wonder if I’m winning

Just living my life, the bible say I’m sinning

A contradiction to everything you believe in

I’m standing praying even know I never seen him

Or maybe her, but who knows

All I got is faith

Mind racing, wondering if somebody can relate

And through my face I see you, natures hides the stress

Look around start to wonder if I’m really blessed

And I confess I haven’t always took the high road

Hit the fight and still swinging with my eyes closed

It’s funny how demons can get the best of me

Tryina fight I’m feeling like the lord’s neglecting me

Wonder why I ain’t came up, I look around

Now I’m thinking that these niggas wanna hold me down

On the stage counting feeling like I’m malcolm x

Are you gonn be the one that hit me in my chest

Shoot me down when all I tried to do is tell the truth

I’m just tryina change the world inside this vocal booth

Lost in the clouds bout to roll up some more

Know this potion is the devil but I pour some more

Country nigga guess I’m green and didn’t know better

Some might say I’m naïve I guess they so clever

They know it all but I’ve been through it all

I just started my job no I ain’t through at all

Tryina figure out, what this life’s about

Steady swining for the fence till I’m striking out.

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