L.E.$. - Mafioso

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Uh, yeah, look!

Started in the Volvo, not grand mafioso

Murder in the game, eat your men out, Soso

Chris crossed up, blow the game like Romo

Never seen it this fly, baby, better take a photo!

Riding in the lolo, we get something like a cholo

While you all know me nigga pass no homo

I’ll be the… to these rap games, bobo

Put the style on me, playboy, that’s a no no!

Black hoodie on, black jeans, black tent

Go next scene, piped on on the..

Young pharaoh, yeah nigga I’m here

Before you ever see a king smelling Kush in the…

Beside your girl, should …stay on, I’ve been here

Some pretty… sticking it on, some pimp shit

A nice crib, pissing the lawn is splendid

In a room full of bosses and jeans I’m blending.

All this spending on my .. never tricked the dough

It’s kind of funny, cause my old grudge is to broke teeth.

I kill the game, the … really clear the coast

A cool shit the size of your brother’s wagon, is spiritual

You know the ritual, let’s talk about blood pattern on the mill…

Grew up … to see how I interfere.

Make a few rounds, I’m just soaking up the city

Fuck this underground that was showing no pitty

No love, no love! As a matter of fact, no mercy!

Ride her with a ruby kiss, a nigga wanna merk me

Ride into that … a nigga bleed like…

Let ‘em suck a nigga, acting like they can’t be touched.

Thoughts of dwag while I mean… change

… advice, cool mix in the…

OG stepping, OG smoking

OG drinking…

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