L.E.$. - Lifers

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Ft. Curren$y & Young Roddy


Rollin' in the city where I'm from

Bitches luv money, niggas luv guns

Swear to God, nothin' doin' down the sun

Suckers plannin' and doin' what's already been done

Hang out in El Camino and the bitch run

Got it painted polo green

Got a hill figure, wind breaker on

Smellin' like versace and weed

Bitch, please! I'mma ride on these niggas till they gone

Cuz I neva let a sucka nigga breathe

Cuz they twistin' up the game all wrong

And that's exactly what the set don't need

Now check it, folo riders front yo house

The engines is runnin', but lights is out

You already know what that's about

Got one foot in and one foot out


Ain't nothin' but the lifers

Ain't nothin' but the lifers

Ain't nothin' but the lifers

Ain't nothin' but the lifers

In the Buick 75 on a seven gold deez

Nothin' but the muthafuckin' lifer on me

High as a muthafucka, still rollin' weed

Ain't nothin' but the lifers

(Verse 2)

I'm worried bout the paper, fuck the hip-hop

Dubbin' out the slab in some flip-flops

Ain't too many built the way we put together

Rain solid pink, wain weather

I'm thinkin' bout the days I used to need a ride home

Now the passenger a ten and she boppin' on chrome

Livin' off some nigga playin' ball in a leash

She gon' get me what I want and gon' leave without a leave

I'm runnin' the streets, like 20 underlines

Get my stats right, then I think about retiring

The way I play the game, bet I see the hall of fame

Defenders can't see, already know his last name

From the back of my Jersey, I blew pass, all that trash I be hypin'

Fuck fashion, need to focus on your writing

Ya passin' with the titans, playa

Wise lil nigga, ya see ya ain't ready in yo eyes, lil nigga


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