L.E.$. - Intro

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ft. Slim Thug

Back in that ... with a cup full of that cash

Got that 44 with my stash, wood on the wheel and all on my dash

Hold up, when I lean, nigga pour up

Hoes drinking they neck when I show up

Got them ... on ice, I'm trying to get high

Girl you ain't too fly, bitch you're rolled up

Know what? I'm killing these niggas, ...flows ain't feeling these niggas

... ain't with the dream, ain't dealing these niggas

Bitch I ... hoe I shine, came with the bullshit, I'ma get mine

I'ma go hard while you stand in line

Ain't no nigga gonna mess my grind

You watch your mind I'll get tight

For hoes in the low that's sit right

Laid back in the Lex with the...gotta do your shit like

Ain't ... we game, ain't fucking with you lames

Did you see that piece of chain, I'ma hop up in the game, nigga

Hop in the motherfucking game, that's god damn right mane

We are here hustling y'all, gotta get this motherfucking paper main

Ain't no use sitting round bullshiting man

We gotta get this nigga

Work it hard main, you know what I'm saying

That's why we love to shine on you hoe ass niggas man

We grind hard for hours, know we gonna shine hard bitch

You gonna see me, you gonna see L.E. $.

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