L.E.$. - Genesis

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Look, politic with the devil, lord knows I’m a sinner

Victory ever lasting, lord knows I’m a winner

Genesis for breakfast, revelations are for dinner

We striving for the peoples but we living on their splinters

What’s on your agenda, to be a king or a dictator

Hating ass nigga, though an erection would dictate you

Ball hard in the game, bet I do my thang

Living like Charles barkley promise I’ma get a ring

Married to the life, yeah these bitches always naggin

But she treat a nigga good, stayin humble, never bragging

Never fronting, never acting, just wanting what you lackin

I cope that mental pistol just blast it, action

Young erescado, dominion of a og

New so in town, I’m the clippers to your kobe

Cooking over dough meat, my reign is ever lasting

And I’m wanting all the paper so I spit it with the passion

It’s money over everything I guess they live in lies

Illuminati throwing diamond size over their eyes

I hit on bitches prize but I never ever meet em

And why you niggas trick shit I never ever treat em

Skeet them and delete them while you acting like you need em

And I let them bitches buck but I ain’t about to feed em

Haters never see they at, niggas just confused

Cause they know that I’m they leader, and they copy up my moves

It’s style in the flow, I’m swag to the show

Even knock that bitch, with your gal and your hoe

They say they counting dough, but they better count they blessin

Cause they run about to end in another couple seconds

I know them boys stressing, I know they loosing sleep

They bout to let them wolves on your motherfucking sheep

This shit a marathon and I hope that you can keep up

I told my people put they motherfucking feet up, yeah

Can I live? One more time nigga

Can I live?

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