L.E.$. - Crab Legs

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Eating crab legs with a new chick

Mind on the coop, that’s ruthless

9/11 Porsche with a turbo

Ride another rap and I let the weed burn slow.

Any wonder how I got here

Should I drop, what about five… slay shit?

And I’m still here even when you’re not here

So when your shit dropped, I’m the only one you wanna hear!

Young king at this rap thing

Playing roles, them balls just acting

No dough, them balls just rapping

But it’s all good cause I got what they’re lacking!

Drop soul, why they do that?

No, you ain’t G, cause you said you’re trying to prove that

No real friends, home boy, where you’re crewing

Let us all fool, but your damn ass blew that!

Yeah, how we see straight through you

Car played at you, you’re the rap game full book

Heard that shit, man, it’s all that boo, boo

Inside peanut-butter pained like..

Yeah, chrome … gonna knock out

When the copy cats are flow you… out

Bunch of dumb kids… out of knock offs

Keep fucking around and get your hoe head knocked out!

Young boss, learn from the best!

Nigga rap for now, better learn to your best

Got a couple G sticking out my shit

Lil nigga, please, I’m sitting on a rest!

Wanna do, what? Baby girl, you’re a mess

Shouldn’t got to get naked, just lift up your dress!

Got a nice flow, some saying it’s the best

But they sing about others and I just ain’t impressed!

Can’t be bias, so I’m just keep quiet

And now I’m gonna leave ‘em while them cats just liars

And now I’m gonna get it while you boys just..

And you all gonna dream me while I say, “I did it!”

Y’all ain’t with it, I don’t see it

Millionaire mind, told you I’mma be here!

Told you I cheated, told you I’mma win

Told you that I keep it fit to the end

Bleed that! Bleed that, bitch nigga!

Bleed that! Bleed that!

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