L.E.$. - Concrete Wave

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Look, concrete wave, surfing through the city

Got a cone filled up, never loan them Phillies

Still play the switches, buzz getting bigger

Just a little more time till they see that I’m that nigga

Heavy visions of Ferraris, smoking at that party

Big flash greens we still playing the tally

Still showing up to clubs out of dress code

Pulling up their teeth tight when I get in flex mode

Fuck the … on that old school, got it looking new

Fast lane mate, that’s the type of shit we do

Dirty speeding through life, getting how to slow it down

Dump a couple purple potions hoping that I never drown

Living life behind T, tryina stay up out the light

Barely see e in the night, like I move around at night

Not me running from the hype, only love it if it’s real

But that word is overused, shit, ain’t got the same feel

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