L.E.$. - Come Up

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This is how it feel right now

Riding through the town with your bitch.

Living on a ...

Shit, I can’t explain right now

Just know that wanna get rich!

Man, I’m trying to come up, up, up, up

Man, I’m trying to come up, up, up, up

Man, I’m trying to come up, up, up, up

Look, look, look

Trying to get this shit a hundred million different ways

Presidential, a mobster with some Sicilian ways

Play presidentials, I’m laying back in full of haze

Climb over... Beverly is amazed!

A different page, and these suckers is differently another book

I’m gonna give it away, and fuck the way it looks.

I tell your dream, bitch, roll something before a nigga,

Ain’t got attention, got plenty brothers who pull the trigger.

I’m putting food on the table, this ain’t no game, no

See, I’m just fucking around, we ain’t the same, no!

You Instagraming it and take the pictures, we’re taking action.

And taking over, and that shit is way better than Calvin’s

I’m only adding them hundreds, subtract them fuck niggas!

And they’re provoking that ignorance like you dumb niggas.

Tell you how to do it, but they never done it,

They ain’t even got no snickers,

But they tell you that they’re running in front!

Real-estate and rocks

Some in the safe, got some on my bitch, some on my watch.

Disney all night, meet Fortnocks.

Regardless what the charges, I cops if I want it, I own it!

I’mma kill it if I own it

Shows that I get it, throw the stickers in it and them .. on it

You think I didn’t, but I did

Smash baby girl, in that tennis skirt.

Burn the joint with it .. back to work.

Spray a little cologne on my shirt before I walked in the miles crib

And I’m still smelling like that California bomb shit.

Smash two plates of that home cooked

They have your soul shooked, and ass back to the paper

Numbers, phone book

I slip through in my new 6-2

Too sick, need tissues for my new shit move, bitch!

With all that look...

Man, I’m trying to come up, up, up, up

Man, I’m trying to come up, up, up, up

Man, I’m trying to come up, up, up, up


It ain’t just about the money!

It’s nothing!

You know what it is about?

It’s about fucking no squeezes like that, right there!

It’s about dropping this fly ass cars

And it’s definitely about never dressing like a nigga like you

OK, man!

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