L.E.$. - Champagne

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Huh, champagne up in the flood

Making lil moves, homie, that shit kills

We are witness bigger and better things

That caught me on wetter and… rain

Game into the game, hoping that will never change!

Most likely aware, just keeping the trill

Respect the real, this is something that you prefer.

Let’s see it for what it is, then I pluck my moves

Still no one to see, but I had to pay my dues.

A lot of people changed up, can’t let ‘em change me

And if …ain’t one thing to say, I hate to say me.

And it’s easy for somebody to get lost in it

…I’m high when I’m off in it

If my… witness solitude when I get myself together

Let my mind be free, it’s how I…better.

Ain’t worried about bars, I ain’t worried about a hook

I ain’t worried about a topic, made my life an opened book!

Feel like I’m on display and they’re looking through the glass

Only know about the present, but they wonder about the past.

And I think about the future and how far I’m gonna take it

Meanwhile my momma praying and she hoping that I make it!

And me too, and Lord will it

We gonna take it to the sky, way past the ceiling!

Trying to get back the days when the feeling was authentic

Maybe I ain’t blown yet, cause I ain’t … gotta get me!

Now I standing in the mirror, doubting myself

I came this far and I’m all by myself

Look around, dwag, I ain’t getting no help!

But I ain’t tripping, cause the way that we define the wealth

In bigger portions, new flow…

Something like water, but it’s deeper than the ocean

But now I’m just coaster with my…

More the worlds running hot, but we can’t encode

What up? What up? What up?

You finally did it! Look!

Roll up and get high, just fight with it!

Roll up and get high, just fight with it!

Uh, uh, uh yeah!

Every dollar, motherfucker!

Every dollar, motherfucker!

Fucking in the sky!

Fucking in the sky!

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