L.E.$. - Beautiful

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Original gangster .. I am staying close to the edge

try to give me a push mother fucker I am fly

never touching the ground … I am gonna be here for a while

going hard til they are killing a nigger

.. be here for beginning .. something you are gonna remember

Do it big if I do it … this game you know you ain’t suited for the well fair

.. tell me homie when you are pissed to you .. or you stand

.. flow too cool but the shit is still deadly .. living in your mind

.. that’s .. but I can’t love them .. I am harder than the oven

.. and although it ain’t a .. go fuck a hore .. what she is fucking for

There was out of reach used to .. my hands .. hope doing a .. I am in ths shit

Without .. these .. niggers hard to stay … sometimes I forget

His mother fucker is lose

Remember everybody he meant to be a boss …

When I am stuck in the .. same old story but .. nigger lose sleep

I promise I am stress but .. game .. I appreciate your time

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Thanks to feel

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