L.E.$. - Autobahn

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feat. Smoke DZA

See a sucker bucket, lighting up in public

Haters be disgusted, bitches wanna suck it

Know the boy, his body’s dockets, no duck shit

Sitting around asking how I function

I’m allergic to being broke

Cutting up, you know I’m surgical with the flow

Button up, sweet bears on the left side pockets

Vintage, at the stock shit, nigga you ain’t got this right

I keep a ill piece, low guard, some up some still sleep

Right, cold nigga from a street

I’m in this bitch, everybody grab a seat

Right, thirsty nigga take five, fake life, fake laugh, right

Run up in your broad, the illest nigga on your part

You gotta fuck with the god, what’s up?

What’s up?

Broke nigga you want a hoe, some hoe, my dick pause

We out here, watch closer, brick

Shout out to my nigga Brick, that’s it

I’m out here, H town in a Jag bumping zeto

Bout to link up and sip some oil with my nigga Chico

You know how we do, you know how we do

8:36, kid it up, M3 in it

Giving them the vision ‘cause a nigga really seeing it

Cats think on the game if you don’t put a G in it

Niggas taking those, you were lame, don’t agree with it

Show me your rebuttal ‘cause we coming with the feds

Niggas playing nino really putting on the act

Our Ice T and nigga take your coco, make a flip

Yeah, I’m riding in that four door same color as the brick

Man, I need to hit a leak, got some shit I wanna buy

New Jeep for the summer, door off, looking fly

Let that wind blow, bitch, it ain’t fucking up her weave

‘Cause she got that good shit, yeah, I love to mix breeds

Jordan number threes with that elephant print

Niggas talking diamonds, some irrelevant shit

Now them wolves riding round on some devilish shit

Heard you calling my phone, I ain’t helping you, bitch

White gold shit, diamonds, independent

Used to be indie now she acting all dependent

Talking real shit and they know a nigga meant it

‘Cause I planned a bunch of shit then I went out there and did it

Tell ‘em no lies, tell ‘em no lies

Wanna see a nigga heart, take a look up in his eyes

I’m stacking up that cake, hit the vile down that pile

Let the homies get a slice, everybody getting fly

Shit go

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